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Which membership should I purchase for summer camp?

  • No membership required for Nov School's Out Camp/Winter Break Camp/Spring Break Camp

  • Seasonal, Full Summer, or Yearly membership required for Summer Camp

    • Summer 1 membership dates:​  May 5 - June 23, 2024

      • ​$15​​

    • Summer 2 membership dates: June 24 - August 24, 2024

      • ​$15​​

    • Full Summer membership dates: June 5 - Aug 16, 2024

      • ​$25​​


Do I need to sign a waiver for my camper?

  • Yes. Every camper needs a waiver signed annually. 

  • Waivers can be signed on Day Smart Account (it will prompt you to do so) or in person. 

  • Check in roster will let you and our staff know if the waiver is up to date.

When can I drop off my camper?

  • Extended Full Day Drop Off: As early as 7:30AM
  • Full Day: As early as 8:45am
  • AM Half Day Drop Off: As early as 8:45am
  • PM Half Day Drop Off: As early as 12:30
  • See full pick up/drop off details here.


What should my camper wear to camp?

  • Sneakers

    • Close toe shoes only. No cleats, no flip flops!

  • Play Clothes!! 

    • This is an active sports camp, please dress your child appropriately in active wear!


What should my camper bring to camp?

  • Refillable Water Bottle LABELED WITH NAME!!

  • Sunscreen

    • Weather permitted our campers will have some outside time in the mornings. This will be no longer than 30-45 minutes. If you would like your child to wear sunscreen please apply it before drop off. You can also send sunscreen for your child to apply themselves. Our staff will not be permitted to apply sunscreen on your child.

  • Lunch & PM Snack

    • If your camper is not purchasing these, please be sure to pack them!


Can my camper bring electronics or other toys from home?

  • In order for campers to get the best possible experience, we ask that all children leave any electronics, expensive jewelry, trading cards, and any other highly valuable items at home. If they need to make a phone call, we have phones at the front desk that are always open. If phones are brought to camp, they must be kept in the campers bag unless it is an emergency. If they do bring any of the aforementioned items, XL Sports World is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that your child brings to camp. XL also reserves the right to have your child put away their electronics or hold it at the counter until the end of the day if they are causing disruption.


How can my camper purchase lunch or snack?


    • Tab sheets are how we keep track of camper purchases for the week. You can write any restrictions in such as a spending limit or restricted items (i.e. no soda, no ice cream, etc.). We will verify with tab sheet before giving an item to your camper

    • We keep tab sheets locked in our safe when we are not in camp hours.

    • Tab sheets MUST be filled out in the morning with your CC information. Campers will not be permitted to purchase food if tab sheets are not completely filled out

    • Tab sheets need to be started weekly. even if your camper is attending all summer, we need a new tab sheet each week. Please allot time in the morning to fill out on the first day of the week. You can also pre-fill them out and hand them in at drop off. You can find the Tab sheets here

    • Credit Cards are ran every Friday for anything purchased during the week.

  • CASH

    • You may leave cash for XL Staff to manage for your camper or give it to your camper to use.

    • You may also set any food/drink/spending restrictions for cash when given to XL Staff to manage.

    • If cash is being given to your camper, please ensure they have a safe place to keep it and know it should always be put back in that safe place when not in use. XL is not responsible for any lost or stolen items including money, wallets, credit cards, etc. 

  • Snacks can be purchased at the XL Sideline Cafe during lunch (after 1pm) or during PM snack time.

  • During our 10:30am snack we will call the campers up to ask them what they would like for lunch. Please ensure that your camper is aware they are purchasing lunch that day!

What are my campers options for buying lunch?

  • ​Lunch Combos come with an entree, side, and small fountain drink.

    • Spring Break Lunch Combo: $5.50​

    • Summer Break Lunch Combo: $6.00

  • Entrees:

    • Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, Cheeseburger, Pizza (cheese or pepperoni), Soft Pretzel​

      • Pizza is ordered from Papa Johns​

      • Other foods are made in-house

  • Sides:

    • French fries

  • Fountain Drinks:

    • Pink Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Orange Fanta

  • Drink upgrades: +$0.95

    • Powerade, medium or large fountain drink, Body Armor, bottle water​

What are my campers options for buying snack?​

  • Snack Options (subject to change based on availability):

    • Cheetos​

    • Cheez-its

    • White Cheddar Pop-Corners

    • Kettle Corn Pop-Corners

    • Garden Salsa Sun Chips (has jalapeños)

    • Doritos (Nacho Cheese)

    • BBQ Lays Potato Chips

    • Soft Pretzel

    • Ice Cream

    • Power-Aid/Fountain Drink/etc.

  • Campers can purchase snack at lunch (after 1pm) or at PM snack time.


How does the check in/Check out process work?

  • Check-in will be done on camp computers at front desk in the morning.

    • Find/search for campers name & select -> click next -> indicate who the party dropping off is ->​ Click Finish

  • Pickup before 4:30pm will be done at front counter. Give your campers name to XL Staff member, we will check them out on the computer, ask for your name & ID to indicate who is picking up. We will walkie talkie to our counselors to send your camper(s) off the field!

  • Pickup after 4:30pm: campers will be in the party room, to the left when you walk in behind field 1 goal. Counselors will have check out computers at the door of the party room. Give your campers name to XL Counselor, we will check them out on the computer, ask for your name & ID to indicate who is picking up. 

  • Please bring ID when you come to pickup your camper! Our counselors will verify that you are on the authorized pickup list for that camper. If you are not, we will attempt to call authorized persons to verify pick-up. 

  • Please see full pick up/drop off details here.


How do I authorize someone else to pick up my camper?

  • Any persons authorized to pick up the camper will be listed under campers name when checking in or out.

  • There is a button to "add adult" to authorized pick up list. If you need to add anyone you can do so at check in using this feature. It will ask for their name & phone number. Once added, they will be there indefinitely. 

  • If you need to remove someone to the authorized pickup, let XL Staff know and we can do so.

  • You can find the authorized pick up form on this page.


What kind of activities will my camper do throughout the day

  • Campers will rotate through various sporting activities and gym style games such as dodgeball, kickball, soccer, flag football, relay races, tag, and so on!

  • You can find a sample schedule on our Summer Camp Page.

Will Campers be outside at all?

  • If weather forcast is looking nice, we may have outside time.

  • Campers will be outside no longer than 45 minutes at a time. 

  • Outside time takes place in blocked off side parking lot. 

    • Activities may include: basketball, side-walk chalk, jump ropes, 4 square, etc.

  • If you wish for your child to remain inside, we will find age-appropriate indoor activities for them to do.

How does Friday Bike Day work?

  • As long as weather permits, campers will have the opportunity to bring and ride their bike (or scooter, or any ride on toy that is not electronic/gas) to camp every Friday

  • Bikes will be ridden in the morning

    • ​Friday electives will include afternoon bike riding option if weather permits. 

  • Remember to apply or bring sunscreen!!

    • XL Staff is not permitted to apply sunscreen to any camper. Please apply before hand or review with camper how to apply.​


  • Children may only ride a bike if it is theirs!

  • Roll your bike into the facility when you arrive and we will show you where to park it!

What if my child needs to bring medication to camp?

  • If a child were to require prescribed medications to be taken during camp hours, parents must drop this medication off at the front desk at the beginning of each day in a clearly labeled package or container.

  • We also ask that you fill out a medication authorization form. We can provide these at the counter. 

What is XL's Discipline Policy?

Our coaches here at XL Sports World want all children to have a great time when they attend camp. We expect to engage the children in fun and meaningful group activities that give them a sense of teamwork and friendship, while exposing them to as many sports as possible.


In order to allow our coaches to maintain good order and discipline amongst the campers in attendance, as well as provide a safe and positive atmosphere for learning and developing social skills, below is a clear definition of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Please let us know in advance of any behavioral issue that you feel may conflict with or prevent your child from adhering to these rules and guidelines.


A child’s behavior is expected to remain consistent with the following:

  • Use appropriate language at all times

  • Listen, follow all rules and cooperate with coaches as well as follow the directions they are given

  • Respect the coaches, the equipment, the facility, and other children (as well as yourself)

  • Maintain a positive attitude and exhibit good sportsmanship

  • Stay in program areas. Do not leave unless instructed by a counselor and/or permission is given to leave the playing surface.


Listed below are examples of UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR:

  • Physically hurting someone or fighting where health and/or safety is placed at risk.

  • Continued pattern of verbal, physical intimidation, or threatening behavior.

  • Refusal to comply with direction of staff.


XL Sports World Discipline Policy

  • Staff will handle such disciplinary problems by setting boundaries and goals to work towards a positive outcome for the child. The incident will be researched and documented. Time outs may apply to help a child self-regulate.

  • If a child is unable to comply with the behavior expectations, a conference between the program director, child’s “camp coach” and the parent will be held, which will also be documented. If a child’s behavior continues to be disruptive and/or unsafe, the child will be subjected to dismissal or suspension.

  • A child may be immediately suspended or expelled from any program without warning depending upon the severity of the situation.

  • Failure of the parent(s)/guardians to acknowledge the situation or cooperate with the staff to remedy the problem will subject the child to suspension or dismissal.

PLEASE NOTE – There are certain situations that are deemed unsafe by our Directors. These situations involve a child who is deemed out of control. See the examples below but note that they are examples and not all-inclusive.

  1. A child leaves the building or room and a staff member must leave the other children/staff short-handed while the staff member has to find your child.

  2. The child displays aggressive physical behaviors resulting in the same short-handed situation noted above.

Should a situation like the above arise a parent will be called to immediately come and pick up their child.
Behaviors may warrant a warning or may warrant immediate suspension or expulsion. This will be at the discretion of the director.

We hold our campers to a high standard, and hope that every participant can follow XL Sports World's simple instructions and rules. Safety and having the best experience possible are the top two priorities when it comes to our campers at XL.

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